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ABC's of CPS Inc.

A – Aprons (disposable)

B – Bags, Boxes, brooms, brushes, baking cups, butcher paper, bubble wrap

C – Cups (Paper & Plastic), Cellophane, cleaners, can liners, cut sheets

D – Deli wrap, Deodorizers, disinfectants, dusters, dispensers (soap,towel, etc)

E – Eco-Friendly products, EZ-Reachers

F – Freezer paper, Facial tissue, foam rolls, furniture polish, Floor Mats

G – Gift boxes, “Green” products, gloves, garbage cans, grocery bags

H – Hard wound towels

I – Interfolded waxed sheets, Insect spray

J – Janitorial supplies

K – Kraft paper rolls

L – Lemon Clean, Low-lint towels

M – Multifold towels, mops, Merchandise bags, microfiber mops

N – Newsprint dunnage (sheets & roll)

O – Oven cleaners

P - Pink Power, Poly bags, produce bags, pricing guns, portion cups

Q - Quick stick mops, Quillon pan liners

R - Receipt machine rolls

S – Squeegees, shipping peanuts, stir sticks, shrink wrap, straws

T – Toilet paper, towels, tissue paper, tape, twist ties, t-shirt bags

U –Unbelievable cleaning products

V - Vacuums (Sanitare & Rubbermaid) and parts

W –Waxed sheets, window washing supplies

X – X14 Mildew remover

Y – Yellow dusting cloths

Z – Zombie straws

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